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The big picture: Healthcare Informatics is a collision of fields that interact in a beautifully complex way, revealing a Mandelbrot of computer science, economics, and psychology. In information technology, there are three stable operating systems used successfully by millions across the world, with portable document formats and data exchange. In healthcare, EHRs are failing, they are making clinicans less productive, and hospitals are uninstalling them. Data interchange "standards" like HL7 are incompatible across different providers' systems, the V3 RIM is not being adopted, and only the barest usage of CDA is apparent.
My particular interests:
    I believe that technology can and should have the same positive impact in the medical world it has in the consumer world, and that the nation's massive investment in Health Information Technology should translate into accelerated innovation and discovery and improved quality, efficiency, and safety of healthcare. I feel that computers are a paradigm shift in medicine, rather than an evolution of paper-based processes. To that end, I am interested in fundamentally new ways of using medical data that were not possible in paper records.