Jeffrey Klann:

  • Is a 35-year-old medical informatics researcher, who holds two degrees in Computer Science from MIT (2001: BS; 2004: MEng) and a PhD from Indiana University in Health Informatics. He completed an NLM Research Training Fellow concurrently with his PhD. He currently holds a faculty appointment at Harvard Medical School and does research at the Massachusetts General Hospital's Laboratory of Computer Science.
  • Has a passion for theater, both as a forum for creative expression and as a training ground for leadership and the complex social interactions demanded of contemporary American life. Jeffrey directed three plays during 2004-2007, has seven years of experience in improvisation, and has acted in many plays as well.
  • Had surgery in 2002 to remove a benign brain tumor in the balance and coordination center of the brain. He credits this event and the subsequent recovery process for learning hard lessons about life, understanding faith and suffering in a new way, and developing an interest in clinical medicine.
  • Is driven by discovering his relationship to the divine handiwork of the universe and the secrets of the hidden world of spiritual life amidst us all.

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